10 luxury home features to have to attract homebuyers in Ashland, Oregon

Large picture windows with scenic views make a home feel luxurious.


  • Seeking homes for sale in Ashland, Oregon or selling your current one? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to know luxury features to look for in your search.
  • Homebuyers look for private spaces, ample storage space, spa-like bathrooms, modern kitchens, and rooms or spaces that can be converted easily according to their needs.
  • Laundry rooms are also on the list, followed by outdoor spaces, exterior lighting, eco-friendly technology, and integrated and automated technology.
  • Ashland homes offer a range of luxurious features that appeal to people of every taste. If you’re ready to buy or sell your home, then work with us.


When it comes to buying a dream home, buyers always search for a little luxury. People looking to settle down in wonderful places look for what’s best for their families, which means luxurious amenities are a nice touch.

With wide open spaces and serene views, Ashland, Oregon is a great place for homebuyers to consider buying or renting a luxury home and living out their own version of the American dream.

Neighborhoods like Lithia Park and Northwest Ashland are known luxury real estate locations in Ashland. The houses there are built on some of the most astonishing sites, perfect for families looking for their dream homes in the loveliest communities.

Highly rated schools and low crime rates are the other benefits of living in one of the best locations on the West Coast. Luxury properties in Ashland are usually set amidst nature, with the kind of peace and quiet coveted by many. At the same time, residents have access to many local businesses in the hottest areas of town, making this place the perfect mix of convenience and comfort.

The listings here begin at $500,000 – compared to other towns, it’s a small price to pay for the top-notch locale and impeccable houses for sale in Ashland.


Ashland’s modern American dream homes


Listings show that the average price of real estate in Ashland is about $350 per square foot for luxury homes, which average between 2,500 to 3,500 square feet. The properties usually feature spacious yards in the front and back, making them perfect for families.

Many of the houses in the state of Oregon were built in classic architectural styles that defined particular periods of development. They include Dutch and French Colonial, Tudor Revival, and Cape Cods during the 1940s; Ranch style in the 1950s; Split-Levels in the 1960s; and Modernist and International styles from the 1970s onwards.

Builders of residential developments also held great sway over how homes are designed today. Beginning in the mid-20th century, according to OhioHistory.org, “The appearance, style, and character of new houses were dictated by builders more than by architects.  House configuration was adapted according to construction costs, sales, buyer feedback, and information gathered from other builders at trade shows.”

This development ensured builders met market expectations, hastening the sale of their tract homes.

However, properties in Ashland also offer some of the most on-trend amenities that luxury homes in 2020 are expected to have. Whether residences have been retrofitted to modernize features, equipped with the latest bells and whistles, or custom-built, Ashland homes offer a range of luxurious features that appeal to buyers of every taste and persuasion.

If you’re planning to sell your home in Ashland, OR, here are some of the trendiest features luxury homebuyers are looking for:


Luxury interiors


    1. Private spacesWhile the open floor plan has been a house design trend for a while now, COVID-19 has shed some light on the disadvantages of this layout.Privacy and noise control have been some of the problems noted, especially among those who now work or learn from home. While sales of homes with an open concept layout have more than doubled since 2015, according to a Zillow research, buyers today are moving in a different direction.

      A recent survey showed that 27% of those who have spent more time indoors because of the virus would consider moving to a house with more rooms. It’s a development that’s been called “a return of doors.”

      Separating functional areas of the home clearly delineates work or learning spaces from private living spaces. The living room won’t have little desks surrounded by remote learning apparatus, and a kitchen table can be used for eating instead of housing someone’s workstation.

      Closed-off rooms can still have the breezy and casual feeling of an open floor plan. Consider sliding doors and partitions that can transition between an open area and a private space.

      Large windows can keep spaces from feeling stuffy and, if you have a view, allow Ashland’s scenic beauty to be a part of the home. All of the advantages of an open floor plan can be replicated with smart house design.

      Even when hosting guests in the estate, partitions don’t have to cramp a homeowner’s style. Fire pit parties or patio dinners can be hosted with the heaters on during colder months. Sliding or French doors can be thrown open to the backyard during the rest of the seasons to extend the space.

    2. Storage solutionsWith luxury listings in Ashland showing houses with up to 4,000 square feet of space, homebuyers are still keen on having enough storage space to accommodate their stuff.Capacious pantries, wall-to-wall shelves, walk-in closets, and dressers and cabinets with numerous drawers and storage solutions are all-time favorites.

      When it comes to kitchen pantries, bigger is better and walk-in is best. Design experts are also looking at “hidden” pantries with façades that blend with the kitchen design.

      For walk-in closets, hanging is a priority – or the space that can be reconfigured to hang short and long garments.

      Think, too, of possessions in relation to where it can be kept in the house. Whether it’s the kids’ trampoline and bicycles, or the parent’s golf clubs, the house has to fit every belonging as neatly and efficiently as possible.

      Other features such as built-in shelves, open storage nooks, cabinets, or a bonus room brim with storage potential.

    3. Spa-like bathroomsBathrooms that deliver the ultimate spa experience right at home is something that’s hard to resist and therefore desirable. A bathroom that feels like a place of refuge and relaxation after a long day is the kind of luxury many buyers look for.A classic bathroom feature that never goes old is marble. From the floor to the walls and even the sink and bathtub, marble is always a great, classic choice. It keeps the aesthetic elegant, while also being a functional material.

      Bathrooms are also expected to be spacious or else feel like it. Spare vanities, natural lighting, soothing colors, a tub or a glassed-in shower, and a calming window view where possible all help.

      Having an aesthetically-pleasing bathroom has also become a trend for interior designers. Adding touches of wood or placing plants in a bathroom gives it a refreshing feeling. Tasteful art and practical lighting also give the bathroom identity and life in a house. Heated floors are another major perk.

      Lastly, the fixtures should not only be high end, they should look it, too. A bathtub is a must, with freestanding and sunken tubs being great choices for trendy homes. Multiple sinks and mirrors also boost the luxurious appeal of the property.

    4. Modern kitchensMany homeowners consider the kitchen as the focal point of the house because it has become multifunctional. It’s a place to prep meals surrounded by friends and family.It is important that a kitchen is functional and optimized for usage. There must be ample storage for implements and supplies. It has to have flow to improve cooking and serving. A kitchen island that doubles as a dining counter has become commonplace.

      Lighting is vastly important. Consider task lighting for the kitchen island and sinks, strip lighting beneath counters, tape lights for cabinet interiors, and back lighting for glass door cabinets to display china and other objects. Motion sensor lights in kitchen drawers will automatically light up when drawers are opened and shut off after the drawers are closed.

      Luxury homes are also expected to have the latest if not state-of-the-art refs, ovens, and other kitchen appliances. While trends come and go, a timeless luxury kitchen has a cohesive look and lots of natural lighting.  Large picture windows are a good example.

      Finally, kitchen islands should answer the needs of the homeowner – whether it’s enough space to prep meals, double as a breakfast counter, a place to entertain, or work on spreadsheets.

    5. Flexible spacesAs the family’s needs change with each passing year, the home should keep pace. Buyers looking for their forever homes search for dwellings they can grow old in, which is why they look for how a house can accommodate their future needs.For example, families may need a playroom for their toddler. But as the child gets older, the playroom can be converted into a home office or a crafts room.

      Millennials in particular want their house to adapt easily as their needs change. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, open plan homes were easier to partition into dedicated work and play areas.

      For today’s homebuyers, adaptability is key.

    6. Laundry roomOften forgotten, laundry rooms are a great way to attract homebuyers looking for the complete package. Instead of cramming a washer and dryer in a random area of the house, a dedicated and well-designed laundry room is a thoughtful and functional addition.It is a real asset to have in a home because having a separate place to do the laundry, as well as accommodate the folding and ironing, also ups the value of the property.

      Moreover, a laundry room keeps clutter at bay and provides homeowners a gratifying sense of having everything in its place – especially if they had to use communal or cramped facilities in their old rented apartments or houses.


Luxury exteriors


    1. Outdoor spacesWith many of Ashland’s best real estate located in prime communities with lush vistas,  patios and balconies are homeowner must-haves. It’s one way to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the home.Many listings for luxury homes in Ashland have dedicated outdoor living spaces just as lavishly decorated as the inside of the house. Outdoor amenities include pools, fire pits, and gardens. They’re perfect to enjoy with the family and, in time, entertaining guests. Some homes feature fully functioning outdoor kitchens and bars for hosting summer parties and barbecues.

      While seamless indoor-outdoor living is ideal (think sliding glass doors leading to an outdoor setup), a totally separate area for outdoor living invites opportunities to imagine new themes or designs.

      In 2021, for example, design experts predict outdoor living trends to include a coastal look, edible gardens, and courtyards with four-poster day beds.

    2. Exterior lightingWhat use is an outdoor space if you can’t guarantee safety and preserve its beauty at night? Exterior lighting has become a prime feature in listings because of the added security and flair it lends.There are several types of exterior lighting: pathway lighting, accent lighting (to brighten up key areas of the outdoor space), and  spread lighting (to give a glow to a general area).

      Motion-activated lights, on the other hand, can be decorative (as when they automatically turn on when people are in the vicinity) and function as a security feature. They also illuminate hazardous areas in the outdoor space, such as uneven steps or shadowy portions of the garden.

      Lighting can also transform a home at night. Turn it magical with strings of fairy lights. Make it welcoming with softly glowing porch lights. Show off its grandeur with ground spotlights turned upward or at an angle. Accent lights can change the look of your home after dark, adding another design element for the homeowners and prospective buyers to enjoy.

      In fact, barbecues and pick-up basketball games don’t need to end when the sun goes down because well-placed outdoor lights allow people to enjoy what they do well into the night.

      If you’re a seller wanting to add this feature, it’s important to map out the lights you want to install beforehand. Consult a landscape or lighting expert to ensure your exterior lighting is safe, well designed, and hits all the critical areas of the house.




  1. Eco-friendly technologyThe trendiest homes are now also good for the environment. A home’s environmental footprint has become increasingly important to homebuyers. According to a survey conducted by the renewable energy company EON, 89% of potential homebuyers are looking for eco-friendly homes, fueled in part by the amount of time they spent indoors during lockdowns. Indeed, 80% said they would rather purchase a house with solar panels rather than a garden, with 27% saying that environmental features are more important to them than walk-in closets.This clearly shows the significance of presenting an option to allow the house to switch from being on the grid to employing renewable energy resources. Depending on where the home is located, the possibility of using solar or wind energy to power the property lends itself to being a potential come on.

    Other perks for buyers with environmental features prominent on their wishlist: power-saving apparatuses, as well as eco-friendly heat pumps as an alternative to conventional HVAC systems.

    Materials such as reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood and recycled plastic concrete blocks are also two house-building materials that are sturdy and eco-friendly.

    Preferring solar panels to a garden doesn’t mean homebuyers will be able to resist the possibility of having both. While you as a seller may not have solar panels installed in your home just yet, tease the potential – and grow an edible garden in the meantime. Point out that the climate in Ashland is conducive to gardening with a utilitarian purpose. Draw attention to the fact that growing your own vegetables also reduces a person’s carbon footprint.

    Another great environmentally friendly feature to highlight is the potential to install a rainwater recycling system, especially in Ashland which experiences 113.7 days of rainfall a year. That’s enough to accumulate around 20 inches of rainwater, which can be recycled to flush toilets and water the garden.

  2. Integrated and automated technologyWe rely on smartphones for all everyday tasks like shopping, paying bills, reading the news, and so on. Today, the same can be said of homes. Buyers are keen on homes with smart features that regulate home functions, connect appliances and gadgets, and keep the premises secure.Especially when it comes to the latter, smart homes can control security cameras, locks and doors, and allow homeowners to access all these features using a mobile app to send information about the property from miles away.

    Smart features are also convenient. They automatically control the thermostat, lights, and a lot of other functions, as well as help manage energy consumption and screen time. As such, these features are often a top must-have in most buyers’ wish lists.

    In addition to the amenities listed above, theater rooms, home gyms, and wine cellars are staples in luxury real estate.


Where to find a luxury home in Ashland, OR


We at Ashland Homes offer a variety of classic and modern American homes for sale or for rent in Ashland, OR. All of the properties we represent feature a wide variety of the luxury home features listed above, and so much more. For more information, browse the listings of homes for sale in Ashland found here.

If you’re searching for listings around the area, we also cater to other communities in Oregon like Talent, Phoenix, East Medford, and Jacksonville.

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