Lindsey Negra



I came to Ashland to attend Southern Oregon University on a basketball scholarship in the year 2000. I had the unique opportunity to be on a team of talented girls that led us to becoming conference champions and the chance to participate in two national tournaments. Growing up as an athlete has taught me the importance of working hard, being dedicated, and staying organized. When I came to the Rogue Valley with its pristine countryside, abundance of outdoor activities, and its close community feel, I immediately fell in love. I graduated with a bachelor degree in education and after attending college and having a world of possibilities, I decided to stay in the Rogue Valley where I worked in the medical field for 15 years.

As a young adult I quickly realized I had a passion for home design and became intrigued with finding the charm that each house is capable of. I have since owned and remodeled homes during this time and I enjoyed how it challenged my creativity and imagination. I am enthusiastic about home design and ownership and I know the joys and challenges that are involved in buying or selling a home. This passion has lead me to a career in real estate and I am very motivated in helping each individual on their path to home ownership or sales. I have raised my three boys here and could not ask for a better place to live and raise a family.